Things You Didn’t Know About Paxtonia, Pennsylvania

Paxtonia, Pennsylvania, is a small town that has seen its fair share of growth in the last decade. Paxton’s population is around 3200 people, and it sits on Paxton Creek. Paxtonia was named after Isaac Paxton, who designed an innovative type of greenhouse called “the Paxtonian,” which helped revolutionize greenhouses and agriculture during his time. Paxtonia also boasts many different kinds of businesses, including stores, restaurants, churches, and more! Learn information about Township, PA.

Paxtonia, Pennsylvania, is a great place to live with its low cost of living and thriving local businesses. Paxton Creek runs through the town, attracting many outdoors enthusiasts for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. Paxtonia also has easy access to major highways that connect it to other areas, including Harrisburg or York. Paxtonia is genuinely a great small town! Discover facts about What to do at Colonial Park, Pennsylvania.

Paxtonia is a small community located in south-central Pennsylvania. The area has many historical sites and attractions for visitors to visit when they are looking to learn more about the local culture and heritage of the room. One specific attraction that brings people from all over is the Paxton Manor House Museum, which takes residents back to when life was much simpler before technology had evolved so rapidly. This museum features Victorian-style architecture throughout its interior, along with various artifacts dating back to 1775! There’s also an antique store on site where individuals can browse through antiques or choose their items at a discounted price.