Things to do in Harrisburg

Searching for things to do in Pennsylvania? A tour to Harrisburg is filled with amazing things to do and see. Find countless entertainment among the best family attractions, from scenic parks to learning new things in the museum. Learn information about Lower Paxton Township, PA.  

Some of the things to do in Harrisburg include:

Visit the Spring Gate Vineyard

Spring Gate Vineyard is situated on Devonshire Road. This is a family-operated and owned winery and vineyard that sits on 60-acre farmland. Dating from the revolutionary war, the vineyard features stunning fields, orchards, wildlife, and streams. The ancient white barn hosts the winery and the tasting room and also offices and room for private occasions. The tasting space is a rustic bar where visitors are allowed to taste wine, enjoy music and delicious food. Discover facts about Best things to do in Harrisburg.

Wildwood Park

Situated on Wildwood Way in the magnificent hills of central Pennsylvania, this park is an urban park on the outskirts of Harrisburg. It’s a sanctuary for many animals and plants. Some of the animals are endangered. Visitors can watch wildlife as they stroll along the trails around the lake and on the boardwalks.

State Museum of Pennsylvania

The State Museum of Pennsylvania is devoted to preserving the state’s history and culture. Also recognized as the William Penn Memorial Museum due to the huge statue of Penn, the museum is situated on North Street in downtown Harrisburg. With over 3 million objects, this museum comprises 4 floors of displays that cover the history of Pennsylvania.