A Beautiful Process: Paving Asphalt Just Right in Harrisburg, PA

Many asphalt paving jobs start with a long process. The asphalt is mixed, heated, and then transported to the worksite, where it is most often stored in tanks until needed. When asphalt arrives on site, it is often at its warmest temperature of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This asphalt needs to be spread out into the desired thickness before being rolled or dragged into position for installation. Learn information about Lower Paxton Township, PA.

After the asphalt is delivered, it must be spread evenly across the road surface. This is accomplished with a paving machine. The paver deposits the asphalt before it, while a screed behind it spreads and levels the material. Paving asphalt is a beautiful process to watch! It’s like watching a giant Tetris game come together. Discover facts about Asphalt Paving: A Guide to Concrete and Its Benefits.

The asphalt must be heated to about 300 degrees before it can be laid down. This is done by burning propane gas under the asphalt. The heat from the flames melts the asphalt, which is then deposited by the paver. Asphalt pavement can last for many years if it’s maintained properly. To keep it looking good and performing well, we sealcoat asphalt pavement. This involves applying asphalt emulsion and fine aggregate onto the surface to protect it from water, oil, and chemicals that may seep into cracks in the asphalt.